Kennel/Tub Series




PawMat Kennel/Tub Series was developed to give the dogs the comfort and support they need while in their crates or around your home. Dogs tend to gravitate toward soft comfortable places naturally and if you own a yoga mat then you may have caught your dog lounging on yours. PawMat is like a yoga mat in that it offers the similar feeling, but it differs since its thicker and the hair and odors won’t stick to it. You can use it by itself or under a dog bed for extra support and to keep the bed from sliding around. All PawMats are made with the same non-toxic eco-friendly material that is liquid resistant and to clean with soap and water, for tougher stains it is bleach safe. The resistance to bacteria makes it safe for indoor and outdoor use as well as with puppies. The PawMat Mini (20″x13″) is a great addition for a matching food and water placemat.

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Ocean Blue/Black, Pretty in Pink/Black, Sea Foam Green/Black, Lavender/Black, Plum Purple/Black, Lime Green


Large: 48" x 24", Standard: 33" x 20", Medium: 27" x 16", Mini: 20" x 13"